Spinning Success
Since 2000


Pre and after sales services of the highest quality are guaranteed for all customers.

All individual cones are passed through Ultra-Violet room to detect shade variation.

Yarn electronically cleared through, Elope yarn master 930 H and Uster quantum.

For Man made & regenarated fibre we are procuring fibre from standard supplier like Reliance & Grasim.

Consistency in yarn quality parameters like yarn evenness, hairiness, strength, classmate value are being tested and monitored with the help of ZELLWEGER USTER INDUSTRUMENTS. Value Added yarn i.e. Fancy & Compact & Slub is tested in Laboratory to maintain effect.

Alongwith Bag & Box packing of our products are shipped in the form of pallets to avoid any defect during shipment.

Process Mill 1 Mill 2 Mill 3 Mill 4 Mill 5 Mill 6
Unilock Uniclean,
LMW Rieter/LMW Marzoli Italy/Bale plucker B-34,
B-12,LMW Vario Cleaner & Unimix, Sieger
Automixer / Horizontal Opener
LMW Bale Plucker Vario Cleaner, Flexi clean LMW Bale plucker
Vario Clean
Flexi clean
CARDING Rieter C-60 LMW/Trutzschler
LMW Marzoli/Trutzschler C-41, DK 740 LMW LC 333 LMW LC 363
COMBING LMW LK 250 LMW LK 250 Rieter E-62 Rieter E-62 LMW LMW
DRAWING Rieter D-30 & D-40 Rieter/D-30/D-40 LMW Rieter/LMW Rieter D-30 LMW RSB 581 LMW RSB 851
ROVING LMW LF 1400 LMW LF 1400 A LMW LF 1400 Marzoli BC-16 LMW LF 4200 LMW LF 1400
SPINNING With Slub Attachment Marzoli LMW LR6 & LR60 LMW G5/1 With Slub & Sussen Compact Attachment KTTM 240E LMW LR 60 LMW G5/1
WINDING Murata 21C Murata 7V & Q.Pro. Schlafhorst 238, 338 Murata 21C, 7V Murata 21C Link coner Schlafhorst 238, 338
CONDITIONING - Elgi make Xerolla Sieger Sieger Sieger

Quality Management

We have an aggressive effective quality control department that aims to achieve top quality according to USTER LEVELS. The department's stages of the production process are carefully monitored and the alternate product is subject to strict inspection. Our quality levels usually less than 5% according to USTER STATISTICS.

Our laboratories are equipped with the most modern measuring instruments such as :

  • Uster Tester version 2,3,4 & Premier PT 7000 for evenness
  • Uster classimat quantum, classimat quantum 4
  • Uster tensorapid 3, 4
  • Statex computerized Count & CSP TESTER
  • Zweigle : Count Tester
  • Computerized Twist : Tester Zweigle D315 & Zweigle D312
  • Uster Micronaire 775
  • Uster HVI for full Cotton Testing
  • Moisture Testing Instrument